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Who We Are

The Maple Valley Creamery was founded by award winning farmers who believe that quality ice cream should be made using fresh milk and cream from local cows. 

By purchasing this product, you are helping to sustain open spaces, local dairy farms and a time-honored way of life. 


What we make

Our ice cream is created using fresh local rbST free cream and milk. The heavy cream is delivered fresh, never frozen.  We produce the mix fresh for each small batch of ice cream. The base mix is 16.59% butter fat, making it a super-premium ice cream base. Our cream and milk is perfectly balanced with pure cane sugar, all natural stabilizers, making it all natural and gluten Free. Our mix is egg and egg emulsifier free. 

Our ice cream is super smooth due to its high cream content. Because our ice cream is cream based rather than egg and milk based, it is naturally less dense, making it freeze at a lower temperature. The result is a rich, creamy texture with none of the greasy residue found in other super premium ice creams. 


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Maple Valley Creamery

102 Mill Valley Road, Hadley, Massachusetts 01035, United States

(413) 588-1716

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